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Jose Fowler

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Independent Candidate for ALBERT-EDEN LOCAL BOARD, Maungawhau Subdivision - May 2021 By-Election

I have lived in the Albert-Eden Local Board (Maungawhau subdivision) for over 21 years representing the views and opinions of the neighbourhood as chairperson of a local neighbourhood association for 14 years. It's important to vote for someone who understands the specific needs of the Maungawhau (Mt Eden) subdivision, as they are quite different from that of Owairaka (Mt Albert) and other Auckland sub-divisions.

Sometimes City Vision and C&R have views that are either too far left or too far right, as they are aligned with the Labour Party and the National Party. What's needed for our neighbourhood is an independent voice that guarantees decisions are made for our community alone irrespective of Political Party.

I have lived in the same house for over 21 years, have raised three children in the neighbourhood and I am passionate about the area, its infrastructure, its facilities and preservation of its unique heritage. I am passionate about the preservation of Eden Park as a National Stadium in our area, self-funding itself with Rugby, Cricket and Concerts and have fought tirelessly for decades to ensure the neighbourhood's voice was represented.

I have been actively involved in the community. I have been a Junior Rugby coach at Eden Rugby, an Auckland Junior Rugby Referee, a school head cycling coach at Diocesan School for Girls as well as a school triathlon coach at Baradene School for Girls. I am equally passionate about getting kids active and participating in sport.

I work closely with Allison Roe OBE, promoting her trust which is a women's health trust with a goal to make a difference to the health of NZ women and their families.

I am passionate about the environment and climate change. I have in the past provided governance support on a voluntary basis to Greenpeace New Zealand as a member of the Greenpeace New Zealand Voting Assembly. My daughter and I are raising awareness for Algalita Marine Research & Education who are leaders in the movement to end plastic pollution via a product brand called "I give a Shit" ( ) . I am also currently building an Electric Morris Minor with a view to passing on my knowledge so others can convert their classic cars to electric.

I want to ensure the Council via genuine consultation delivers better value for our rates, safer neighbourhoods, better transport solutions and parks and facilities for our families. You deserve an accessible Local Board member who'll stand up for our neighbourhood, take your views seriously and deliver results.

That's why I'm asking for your vote. Vote for the change you deserve and someone who will hold both City Vision and C&R accountable at a local board level.

There has never been a better time to vote for an Independent Candidate.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss anything, anytime.

Authorised by Jose Fowler, 34 Bellwood Avenue, Mt Eden, Auckland

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